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4G for your Lincolnton Office


4G stands for Fourth Generation regarding wireless communications. It is the fastest and most efficient wireless to date and we can install a wireless controller into your office. With a WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) fixed station in your office, you can transfer data at speeds up to 1GB per second. If your wireless …

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Take your Corporate Communications Wireless

Wireless Communications

Wireless access throughout your company is not only convenient, it is more productive. Have access to all your data in seconds with a wireless terminal. Security is always an issue and nothing is more valuable than your data, we provide to protect your information and keep you wireless and mobile. Call me personally to discuss …

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Wireless Computer Solutions in Lincoln County

Computer Solutions

We are on the move and our technology has to move with us! Mobile is the answer and Rymer Communications serves Lincoln County with the best wireless computer solutions available. Call today for a FREE QOUTE on upgrading your old network to a new wireless system.   Scott Rymer 704-450-4020 Rymer Communications      

Catawba County Campus Cabling

Campus Cabling

Information that conventional materials such as books and magazines can’t provide, the internet does, so it is extremely important in education. Without cabling and networks it would be extremely complicated if not impossible to service a whole campus with internet. Here at Rymercom we maintain networks for schools to provide internet access to all students …

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Network Installation

Network Installation

Networks are important for a growing business and they give many types of telecommunication tools that help communication within and outside your company such as phone systems, wifi or wired internet access, wireless printing, and display.  For anyone new to networking, installing a network can be painstaking and time consuming. Rymercom can provide you an …

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