Fiber Optics in North Wilkesboro

Ever wonder what all those wooden spools of orange tubing are and what they are for? Even better, what does that have to do with me??? The orange tubing (called connector shells) is the housing for fiber optic data service in your area.

Fiber optics provides the fastest method of information transfer offered publicly today. Imagine that your calls always go through and never get disconnected, or your Internet is faster than ever before with no interruption of service, and all of your emails go through. This is now a reality.

The orange connector shells only enable the fiber optic service to your area; your office must be upfitted to accept this faster communications. Envision buying a new car, but you have no gas for it. Faster communications are available, but your out dated equipment cannot handle the information.

We can get your North Wilkesboro office up to date and operating a speeds unseen before. Call me directly to learn more.


By Scott Rymer
Rymer Communications


Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics